Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My God

So it's been a while since i've spoken to my God. I'd say not since a few weeks after i left NYC. Since living in AZ we have gone to several churches. We've pluged in to two and have/will ended up leaving both of them. it's so hard to find something that is fitting, accepting, and spiritually fulfilling.

so what's my problem? i dont know. i'm starting to think what i experienced a long time ago is something that was unique and may never be recaputred again. if this is fact, my life will be rough. i'm so desperate to hear God's voice, to grow in His word and to gather with ohter believers and talk to them aobut things that matter. I NEED deeper, i can not survive in surface level sermons, friendships, outreaches, worship etc.

What can i do to make things better?
1) Read my Bible every day
2) Pray every day
a) For Z
b) For Aaron
c) for my marriage
d) for daily/spiritual guidance
3) keep searching

Basically i am running on empty (spiritually).