Thursday, July 29, 2010

3 Things

3 Things
1) Today I am thankful for co-workers that kept me entertained all throughout a very boring conference.
2) Today I am thankful for loosing almost 20lbs and not being afraid to have a "cheat day"
3) Today I am thankful for my daughter being so ornery. It's really fun sometimes.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Last day of freedom and 3 things

Last day of freedom
    Today is my last day of freedom. Tomorrow I head back to "school". I say "school" because 1) I will actually be at a professional development lecture and 2) we won't actually have kids till Wednesday. I spent today with my daughter and a friend and his son. Aaron and I also spent some time together and took Z to Target after dinner for a "walk".

Here are the highlights from my summer:
1. NYC
2. Mexican Cruise
3. Copious amounts of time with my daughter
4. Said daughter is 99% potty trained
5. Got to hang out a lot with friends and coworkers
6. Attended my friends wedding
7. Baked a lot of good recipes
8. Re-connected with a lot of friends on Facebook
9. Started to re-align myself with God
10. Lost nearly 20lbs (granted I had gained 10 on my two week vacation)

Things I will do differently next summer
1. Instead of sitting on the computer during Z's nap time, I would like to read
2. Bake 3 times a week
3. Keep up with my garden more
4. See, in person, my friends more
5. NOT travel, as to save for our 10 year anniversary (we would like to take a 2-3 week vacation of Europe)
6. Invest more attention in Z
7. MAYBE not worry about the house as much
8. Get out of the house to do fun things with Z at least 3 times a week
9. Scrapbook, summers are the only time I get to, and I didn't at all this summer
10. MAYBE find a way to earn a bit of cash for the summer

This school year will be way different then what I've come to expect over the last 2 years. Why? Because I will be teaching 7th and 8th grade science. I've never taught 8th grade science. I really hope I can prove that this was the right desicion for the principal. I have a lot to live up to and a lot to imporve on. I am so nervous that I dropped being the "head" of a committee I loved because I want to be able to focus more on the "new" subject I'm teaching. We shall see how it turns out.

3 Things
1) Today I am thankful for having 8 weeks off every summer. What a great job I have.
2) Today I am thankful for Aaron getting done with work early and spending it all with us.
3) Today I am thankful for new friendships that will hopefully grow into a tight bond.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A lost friend, cookies and 3 thing

     I sometimes wonder what it takes for a friendship to be over. I tend to hold onto a relationship for as long as I can regardless of whether or not it's recipricated. Within the last year I've really come to realize this. I had a dear friend who I went to high school and college with. We were nearly inseperable in college. We did so much together and so much for each other. When Aaron and I moved to NYC, I called EVERY single weekend to talk to her. On the rare occassions I didn't call, she never bothered to call me or what not. I never thought much of it. When Aaron and I moved back home, we saw each other once. I made a mental note that I would not go out of my way to stay in contact with her since she was not putting the effort in. So, we didn't speak for nearly a year.
     Within that year, my family got burned by the church we were attending, we lost some dear friends because we chose not to go to that church and my husband decided he did not believe in God anymore. All through this, not one phone call just to see how things were going BUT I never bothered calling her either. Finally we ran into each other at Target and her excuse was that she was busy. Ok, I understand that. We do live almost 45 minutes away from each other. 
    So we vowed to try to get together more often. I called on multiple occassions trying to plan something out. Nothing every came of it. She has yet to call me to try to get anything together. She's gone on vacation right now to NYC. She has spoken and communicated with many other friends while in NYC but not me.
     I guess I just thought we had a real friendship that would last forever. That we'd always be tehre for each other.  That when I point blank tell her I need her friendship right now, she'd be there. I was wrong.
     I am learning more and more as I grow older, that friendships aren't always solid. Sometimes they are friendships of convienence. And this is ok, I just need to remind myself of that.
   I do have some very very very dear friends who no matter where I travel, we stay in touch. I am thankful for them. 

    OK, I had to get that off my heart, cuz it was kind of heavy laying there.

So tonight I once again made those TO DIE FOR chocolate chip cookies. This time, I doubled the recipe and added peanut butter chips as well as a bit of almond flavoring. YUMMY!! I can not recommend this recipe highly enough.

3 Things
1) Today I am thankful for co-workers who care enough to take time out of their NON-work day to work
2) Today I am thankful for an amazing daughter God has entrusted me with. She made me smile so much today.
3) Today I am thankful for a God who provides me with what I need

Mayan Chocolate Ice Cream

This was given to me by my friend Sarah. She did this w/o an ice cream maker (which I do not have) I am so looking forward to trying this.

In a double broiler (or create a makeshift double broiler by placing a medium glass bowl over a pot of simmering water): whisk together 3 cups of half and half, 1/2 cup cocoa powder and 10- 12 oz dark chocolate (or semi-sweet chocolate)...until all is melted. Then, take the bowl off the stove and add 2 ts (or more) vanilla or almond extract (I used my homemade stuff; vanilla pods extracted in rum), a couple teaspoons of cinnamon... and however much cayenne pepper that you think you can take (I dumped in a bunch). Set this aside.

In a different (large) bowl, whisk together 2/3 cup sugar, 2 pinches of salt and 10 egg yolks.

In another saucepan, simmer 3 more cups of half and half (it will be warm, but not too hot. You should be able to stick your finger in the liquid without swearing...). Now, you will be tempering the eggs (which will be a bit tricky). Basically, you do not want your eggs to solidify. You have to pour the warm half and half ever so slowly into the egg and sugar mixture ...while whisking. Whisk with vigor!

Now, you can pour the egg mixture into the saucepan...and simmer again. Whisk the whole time. Your custard should get thick enough to coat the back of a spoon (the temp. will be around 170*). It will feel heavy and smell wonderful.

The chocolate mixture, the egg-custard mixture and a bunch of chopped almonds should be mixed together at this point(but only if everything is completely smooth with no globs of egg floating around in your ice cream-to-be). If you have the globby egg problem, pour your custard into a bowl through a sieve to remove the unsightly intruders. But you shouldn't have to deal with the issue in the first place, so do not worry.

Set the unified mixture in an ice-bath for 15 minutes (to cool it down quickly).
Then, stick it in the fridge to chill for 3 hrs before sticking it in the ice cream maker. Or ignore the ice cream maker and freeze it in a tubberware container (in the back of the freezer). I suggest that you just ignore the ice cream maker. Why create more dishes for yourself?

This recipe makes 2 quarts (so, yoiu might want to share with at least one other person...).

Enjoy the creamy ice cream with a kick of chili pepper!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Salt, recipe review and 3 things

Tonight the hubby and I say SALT. It was way better then both of us thought. I recommend it.

On Friday, I made this S'mores Pie for a party I was attending. First off, I used a 9x12 pan instead of a pie tin. Fail number 1. Then, I let the whole pie sit for too long. Fail number 2. Since I used the 9x12 pan, people were too intimidated to eat it, so we had a whole crap load leftover. Fail number 3. In all honesty, I didn't really care for the recipe as much as I thought I would. I probably won't make it again. BUT I am anxious to try this one.

3 Things
1) I am thankful for having some amazing friends who take care of me no matter what.
2) I am thankful for a day well spent with my husband
3) I am thankful for open and honest discussion about my husbands religious "de-conversion" as he calls it. 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

3 Things Real Quick

*Life has been hectic here as of late. Finally getting back to work and still running around with Z. Excuse the spiratic posts for a bit please.

1) I am thankful for grandparents who are always willing to take Z for a few days
2) I am thankful for a co-worker who drug my butt to school to force me to work in the classroom
3) I am thankful for a team of co-workers who really get along and desire to be on the same page.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Family, cookies and 3 Things

Today my step-cousins came into town. My dad and my step mom have been married for almost 10 years. I can not have fathomed a more wonderful Step-Mother. Along with her, came her 11 brothers and sisters. I am for ever thankful that my family (me, Aaron and Z) and them get along really well. So,  they let their children, The Cousins, drive into Phx and spend time with my sister K. I'm spending the next few days in Phx at my dad's house with them. Usually The Cousins include the boy AND girl cousins. This time however, since my brothers are out of town (one is actually in The Czech on a 3 month mission trip/internship) just the girls came.  The Cousins will definitely go shopping, eat and laugh a lot. They are so fun.

I've been waiting to try out a "new recipe" for some chocolate chip cookies that I found at Serious Eats. It's not necessarily a new recipe in the fact it adds different ingredients, but it uses the same ingredients from Tollhouse and tweeks them. Anyways, I figured now would be a good time to try it out since they were here and are not on the crazy diet I am on. Here's what I did:
1) I caramelized the brown sugar and butter
2) The recipe calls for 2 full eggs, instead I used 1 whole egg and 1 egg yoke
3) Used a much larger scoop
All this together has seriously created THE BEST chocolate chip cookie I have every had.

Thankful Fors:
1) I am thankful for an extended family that is fun to hang out with and really embraces our God
2) I am thankful for a husband who works hard and takes time off just to eat dinner with my family
3) I am thankful for Z using going on the toilet EVERY TIME today. 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Away for the weekend...

That's why I've missed a few "thankful fors", so here are mine for Sunday:

1) I am thankful for a family, no matter how irritated I get with them.
2) I am thankful for a daughter, who no matter how ornery she is, will always capture my heart
3) I am thankful for forcing myself to go to church today. Although I do not like the church I attended, it did have a message that fed a part of my spirit.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Simple and Short: 3 or 4Things

1) Today I am thankful for a friend who I can speak to freely and not worry about her judging me.

2) Today I am thankful for a husband who has worked till 10pm the last two nights (missing dinner with my family and not being able to say goodbye to his daughter) to make our dreams come true.

3) Today I am thankful for a "free" day, where I could do whatever I wanted. 

4) Today I am thankful for God, and knowing I can take refuge in his mercy and grace.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

God really does have an odd sense of humor.

This past weekend Aaron took off to go visit some friends in Oregon. I took the opportunity to head up to Flagstaff to see a dear friend get married. While there, it was some what of a reunion for a lot of my dear, close, christian friends who I do not get to see often enough, worship with ever and live life with. Boy was I in for a treat.
Not only was I put to work right as I got to my friends house, but I worked long hours. It's ok though, because 1) I was in awesome company and 2) the wedding turned out beautiful and I will forever be a part of it. So needless to say, Friday and Saturday morning were VERY hectic.
The wedding took place Saturday at 6pm. It had rained pretty much all day and stopped just in time for the wedding. God is awesome huh? Always knows what we need. Didn't end up at home till after 11pm.
Sunday we headed back to the house for a time of worship and spending some time in the Word.

I have to tell you that it has been a very long time since I have been with all these people worshiping together. God really knew our hearts and met us there. I believe He really touched everyone of us. It was so amazing to be reminded that "church" can be anywhere with anyone and that I have amazing friends who care about me and know my heart. I left feeling more refreshed and secure in my faith then I have felt since leaving NYC (3 years if you're counting, I am).
I titled this post "God really does have an odd sense of humor" because I find it really hilarious that 1) despite the fact of going to dozens of churches of the last few years I haven't EVER felt the awe and power of God unless with these people and 2) that it takes these people to be around me and to worship with me to be reminded of how great He is. Why can't He just let me feel like that all the time? It's not like I haven't been looking for it or asking for it etc. :) I'm not mad, just think it's funny.

Because I have to talk about food, I wanted to let you know that I made these "Zesty Lemon Cookies" but with lime that was left over from the wedding. They were outrageously good!

Recently I've come across this blog, and would like to try writing three things I am thankful for. Aaron and I used to do this as a husband and wife thing, but ever since he stopped believing in God, we've kind of drifted from it. So, I will pick it up here. :) I think it will be a good reminder for me to remember what is important and that I am provided for in every aspect of my life. So here goes:

1) I am thankful for a husband who works extra hard to provide for all of our dreams.
2) I am thankful for a healthy daughter who has defied they odds (she was a preemie and they weren't quite sure for a bit)
3) I am thankful for a diverse set of friends, some who are believers and some who are not, who know me and love me despite how "whacked" I may be. :) 
What are some things you are thankful for today?
Also, technical help needed, if someone can tell me how to "reply" to a comment rather then adding an additional comment, you'd be a life save. Thanks!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Recipes I'm dieing to try or tried and LOVED

It's summer time and let's face it, anything light and citrus-y sounds refreshing and cool. I came across this Zesty Lemon Cookie recipe while reading Laura's blog at Real Mom Kitchen. I baked these cookies while my daughter slept and it was easy! Not only that, but the aroma that was coming form my oven was so amazing I was fearful that it might wake my daughter out of her afternoon slumber.

That same day, I came across the serious eats website and found this Baba Ghanoush recipe. I've always be intimidated by it and would shy away from it when we lived in NYC, but I've had Baba Ghanoush once before in a restaurant (in AZ) and am not quite sure how authentic it was, so I wanted to give this recipe a whirl. Boy was I not disappointed. Unfortunately I did not have any way to char the eggplant, so I just skipped to the next step. I ended up roasting a whole thing of garlic in the oven at the same time as the eggplant and used that in the mix. I also used one whole raw garlic. By the time it was said and done, it was a bit too garlicky because I had a small eggplant, so the ration was off. BUT it was still splendid! Again, this recipe was super easy.

Since I've been taking HCG for almost 2 weeks, I have not been able to eat anything "decedent" so, I have resorted to live this dream out via food blogs. Over the last two weeks, I have found some amazing blogs and come across some amazing recipes that I could gobble up right now CAN NOT WAIT TO. With out further adieu....

1) Chocolate Loaf Cake: O-M-GEE!!! I am obsessed with anything chocolate. The description the blog gives literally makes me salivate. I do not care how ugly I love how rustic this cake looks and I KNOW it will taste D-LISH!!

2) Billie's Italian Cream Cake: I have to admit, I've been reading The Pioneer Woman's blog for a while know. I've loved her posts about her beloved cows that hang out on the porch, but I was really intrigued by this recipe. I love all the layers the cake has and the fact I could see this cake being dressed very casually or being fancied up by it's baker.

3)Blueberry French Toast Bake: This dish sounds so yummy! There is absolutely nothing wrong with having breakfast for dinner right? eat at home has a wonderful blog that helps families me to keep the spark alive between the kitchen and I. I quite frequently find myself wanting to dine out simple for the diversity it can offer. I specifically love how the author takes photos of the ingredients and the dish.

4) Chocolate Idiot Cake: Again, with the chocolate obsession. With words like: silky, rich and ganache, I could not resist. Although cakes are not my forte, I feel like I could make this no problems, hence the name.

5) Blackberry Cobbler #1: Again, I'm telling you The Pioneer Woman has it going on. It's summer time, what's there not to LOVE about berries. I know around these parts, berries are on sale left and right. In this recipe she shows, through pictures, step by step directions for this yummy berry cobbler. At the bottom she has an easy printable version as well. *This recipe could easily be substituted for any berry and/or peaches. YUMMY!

6) S'mores Pie and Peanut Butter Cookie Pudding: You can tell I frequent several blogs on a regular basis. These last two recipes were posted today by eat at home. The pictures alone make me want to reach through my computer into her home and gobble thes both up. I think they could be FABULOUS together. What do you think?

What recipes are you dieing to try?
What is a staple recipe in your household?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sorry I have been gone for so long. Life sure gets in the way sometimes. I hope you excuse my absence.

While I was gone I have:
-Finished my 3rd year of teaching Jr. High
-Spent one week gaining 7 lbs on a cruise through Mexico
-Spent one week gaining nothing in NYC
-Babysat a dear friends daughter
-Slowly eased back into being a stay at home mom (for the summer)
-Lost 10lbs through Red Mountain Med Spa, using Releana, and I'm only on my second week. I have 2 more to go!
-Became obsessed with cooking, food and anything that involves it. :)
-Got really excited about the hubby and I's 10 year anniversary honeymoon.

Here's what we did on our cruise:
We departed for LA and spent 7 awesome days on the ocean. Our first stop was Cabo San Lucus. Aaron did a Zip Line excursion and loved every minute of it. Z and I did a tour that was out of this world. From there we headed to Mazatlan where we all took a tour and enjoyed the scenery. Our last port of call was Puerta Vallarta. We got off the boat and just wandered around for several hours. At all three stops we ate Mexican food at a local restaurant. Their food is unparalleled to what I would call "Mexican" food here in The States.
When we were on the boat, we spent a lot of time switching parent duty while Z napped or walking around. Unfortunately it was freezing on deck while we were at sea and did not once get to enjoy the pool on deck. We caught a few shows and gambled a lot.
Here's what we did in NYC:
S'Mac: Aaron had the 4 Cheese, I had Parisienne. After we ate, we realized we could get the sampler. FAIL, but good.
Bar Pitti: I love this place!
Noodle Bar: Aaron got some hot noodle dish (obviously) and I got the duck soup.Very yummy.
Sushi Azabu: we both had the CHEF'S OMAKASE COURSE which was out of this world!
Max Brenner: after sushi, we walked so we could eat the desserts there and we both ordered a drink and dessert. This place blows my mind every time.
Fiddle Sticks: their macaroni and cheese is to die for!
Virgils BBQ: Their food was ok.
Roxy Delicatessen: we ate dessert here one night in honor of our friend Roxy.
Station Cafe: we met my friend for breakfast in Brooklyn to eat at her favorite diner.
President Cheese: my friends husband works for them. They always have cheese around the house. We ate a lot of the Le Petite Basque. YUMMY!
Pasticceria Rocco: this place always has wonderful desserts in their window. Always made my mouth water when I would walk by it.
Royal Siam Thai Cuisine: was ok, can never make their food as spicy as in AZ.
Yuca Bar: this place was awesome. Although it was loud at times and the bathrooms were horrid, the food was amazing.
Crumbs Bake Shop: when I worked at the Village Preschool Center, parents often times brought in cupcakes for their kids birthdays. Billy, my co-worker and friend we were staying with told us that there were a few new cupcakes places that popped up. So we dropped by and were not disappointed. Although everyone was full from eating at Yuca Bar, we still got three cupcakes and split them.
Big Daddy Diner: we went to church at Forefront, then headed to lunch with our friend. This place was AWESOME! Not only that, but Aaron left his "business" card for Ingestion Digest and the owner e-mailed Aaron wanting to know his experience. How cool was that?
Ess-a-Bagel: although I realize everyone has their own opinion on what the best bagel is in NYC, we really love this place. Their bagels are fresh, chewy and hearty!
American Museum of Natural History
Visited me co-workers at Village Preschool Center
Saw Wicked
Visited The Diamond District
Visited 30 Rock, Nintendo, Rockefeller center etc.
And a bunch of other things I can't remember. It rained a lot, but despite the rain, we walked everywhere. Because we were bunking down with Billy in his studio apartment in Brooklyn, we stayed in the city for 12+ hours per day.

This trip was awesome. Although my heart still tugs to live in NYC, I now know it is not the place for me. I had a blast and can not wait to go back.
If you haven't noticed, Ingestion Digest is my husbands "blog". He photographs every meal he eats. He started this last year and is doing it for one full year. You can take a look HERE. Don't judge my home cooked meals. Also, if you look back through out the blog, you can notice his different eating trends. FUN!

Monday, May 10, 2010

9 days and counting...

Tomorrow I will officially have 9 days left in school. There is so much left to do. My brain is so exhausted as is my body; the kids are crazy and restless. It is crazy for me to start a new unit, but I did. Despite this, I am looking forward to my summer. As soon as school lets out, I get to spend one javascript:void(0)full week with my baby girl at home, being a SAHM. After that, we pack up and are taking our first "REAL" family vacation. A 7 day Mexican cruise. My dad was gracious enough to book our room, which will include a crib (so I am told). I am super excited, but the more I think about it, the more I'm getting nervous. My daughter just got tubes in her ears. She CAN NOT get water in them. I'm so afraid that while in the pool, she'll get soaked from head to toe, as any 2 year old should. Only, this time, the water will hurt her tiny ears. My husband on the other hand, is getting nervous that she'll "jump" overboard. Although the railings are 12 feet high in some places, he pointed out to me, ever so gently, that there are gaps between railings. We shall see right? Upon returning from Mexico, we have 24 hours before Aaron and I leave for NYC. YOU CAN NOT BELIEVE how EXCITED I am. I LOVE NEW YORK CITY! We lived there for a year, which was way too short, and this is our first time coming back. So, we'll be there for 5 days. Then we're back for a few weeks and for the Fourth of July (my birthday) we're headed to Laughlin to spend with his grandparents. So, needless to say, I will have a busy weekend.

These last few weeks have been busy and crazy. Aaron and I went to the Pen and Teller show this past weekend and stopped in at SweetCakes , which was awesome. :) Still dreaming about the butterscotch and oatmeal cookies. :)

I had a wonderful Mother's Day too. This is the first year I didn't expect anything and got some sweet cards and flowers from Zephyr and Aaron. I'm definitely a lucky gal. :)

Last night we did a PX90 workout. It's the second we've done, and boy is it a good work out. I really do enjoy it. Definitely is a lot of work and I'm not one to sweat, but boy do I sweat!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Checking In

Hello there!
This past week as been a crazy one. Z is headed into the hospital on Wednesday to get tubs put into her ears. Aaron will be going with her, as I have to work. It should be interesting. :)
Last week I caught 2 kids making out at school and called parents. Ever since then, they have been mad at me. Worst part is, they've drug their whole class into it. So, come second hour, I've got 20 or so angry 7th graders staring at me.
This week is Earth week, with Earth Day being on Thursday. I have planned a whole week worth of stuff for my kids to watch and discuss about. Everything from sustainability to truly protecting endangered species. Should be interesting what their view points are at the end of the unit. It is very hard trying to teach something as unbiased as possible, but I will do it. I also find it interesting that acknowledges Global Warming as a theory/fact while a lot of other scientist do not. What's your opinion?
I've started doing NFP this past month. It is interesting to see the temperature readings i'm getting. they are kinda everywhere so far. Anyone out there use this method?
I have been finding A LOT of awesome recipes especially vegetarian recipes. Aaron recently decided we was going try to go veggie as much as possible. so in an effort to help him, I've been trying to do my part and cook meals that are fitting.

Below are a few websites i've browsed and found things i've liked or am going to try soon:
Fish Tacos with Chipotle sauce
Lentil Tacos
Warm and Nutty Cinnimon Quinoa: I'm still intimidated by quinoa. Any suggestions?
Golden-Crusted Brussel Sprouts: Really, I LOVE brussel sprouts.
Crockpot Applesauce: I actually used 1 T of brown sugar and added 1 T of Butter... so yummy. Of course you can add any spices to your liking.

I've have gone to church the last two Sundays. My friend is attending a church and asked me to go with her. The message is a four part message about how we can defend our faith to those who don't have faith through SCIENCE!!! This is just what i needed to learn to talk to Aaron about it. He always asks me "where is the science to prove God exists" so, now, I have something. I am really excited to go the next two weeks and even more, I am excited to go back to church. I think this might be a start to something. I'm optimistic.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What's in your stomach?

If you know me in person, you will know I am one passionate person for food. If you've ever discussed with me the choice I make regarding where and when I buy my food you will know that I am very sick and tired of the standard fruits/veggies and meat that our society concumes. It really sickens me the way we have taught our chidlren and my generation to eat. I really desire for there to cleaner, sustainable,nutritionally rich, seasonally eaten, local foods around. We are definately a people who want things now no matter what the price is.
While hoping around and partying at the Ultimate Blog Party '10 I came across this website:
She is doing things all local and in season. That means if tomatoes aren't in season, she isn't cooking them or eating them. She has also started "The Food and Faith Challenge" , which is seriously awesome. She is challenging people to live life a certain way.

If you are interested in consuming food sustainable, I highly recommend this book: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver
Barbara moves her family from Tucson to a small farming community. She writes her true story of how her family survived one full year eating homegrown or locally grown food and in season food. Again, I highly recommend reading this book. It gives a lot of insight on how difficult of a job a farmer can have, how spoiled we have become and how nutritionally depleted our diets are. It is a definite eye opener.

Eating locally and in season are not just great ways to help "save our Earth" BUT it also provides our bodies with food that is nutritionally rich as opposed to a vegetable that was grown specifically because it either has great appearance, long shelf life or holds up well during a 1,000+ mile journey from farm to grocery store.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

If you're stopping by for the first time because of the UPB'10 I just want to say thanks! I am totally new to this blogging thing and decided to try it out as I'm looking to meet some new people out here on the interwebs. :)

Let's start with a little about me.
My name is Jasmine, I am 25 years old have been married for 6 1/2 years and have a 2 year old daughter named Zephyr. I teach 7th grade science and LOVE every moment of it. I was born and raised in Glendale Arizona. I moved up to Flagstaff to go to Northern Arizona University where I graduated from. From there my hubby got a job at the now defunct Bear Stearns in Manhattan. We lived there for one year before I became pregnant with our daughter. We immediately moved back to Arizona thinking that being closer to family would be better for our NEW family. Boy were we wrong. We've lived in Arizona for the last two years and quite honestly I can not wait to leave. The only problem is we can't figure out where to go. :)

I originally started this blog because I had lost some deep/serious/long-term friendships to silly high school stuff and was deeply hurt by that. My husband also "deconverted" from Christianity (as he calls it) at the same time, really leaving me alone in my faith and my grief of these friendships. I really needed a place to vent and cry out the someone or anyone who would read. Since then, not much has really changed, but I am learning to cope with what has gone on in my life and am looking to build new friendships that I hope will last a long time.

Let's end with a little about you.
Please leave a comment letting me know who you are and what your favorite Crayola Crayon shade is.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Who me?

Most of you don't know that I am a 7th grade science teacher. This year is my second year teaching science, my third year teaching junior high and my 4th year teaching. Last year was a huge struggle. The kids didn't like me, didn't want to learn and had no support at home. This year however, the kids LOVE me and some if not most want to learn/enjoy science.
So needless to say this year has been AWESOME! I have enjoyed my kids, being head of yearbook and the school social committee. It's been a lot of work, but I've managed to not take any "homework" home this year. I arrive at work at 7am and leave at 4pm. Definitely not that bad. So today, during our professional development I was honored by my principal for being "The-teacher-of-the-year". SO AWESOME! I was really not expecting it but am greatly honored to have received it. I do also feel a bit guilty as I know that a lot of other teachers work way harder then me. And honestly, we are all a team and work together to achieve one goal.

So, what a great day!

Blog Party '10

I'm super excited to be apart of this party out here in the blogosphere. :) This is a great opportunity for me and anyother blogger to get to know each other and connect. I am so excited to be apart of this. If you want more information, please visit 5 minutes for mom.

Friday, April 2, 2010

OB appointment

Went for my annual well women check up today. Mentioned that we were trying to conceive a baby.
She basically told me i need to have sex during specific times and that if it doesn't work in a few months to come back.

She also made me take pregnancy test, which came out negative. I was surprisingly disappointed. It's only been 7 months, but last time we got pregnant I was on birth control, so I suppose I was expecting things to happen a lot quicker. It's also hard because a lot of my female friends are pregnant, one of which wasn't even trying.

My husband has decided he will take anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medication prescribed to him by his doctors after he described chest pain that would for 30 mins periods sometimes. I'm very disappointed in this choice. I just feel like he should be trying other things first before jumping straight in.

I do complain a lot, but I really just need some friends to talk to. :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

full circle?

been pondering my relationship with god. definitely know I'm not where i NEED to be, but I'm finally feeling ready to get where i need to be. every day is still a deep sorrow for the loss of my husbands faith. I know i will grow and things will get better. it's very hard waiting for me.

we've been trying to get pregnant for 6 months. no luck. everyone else around me is pregnant and it's kind of sad.

Seattle or no Seattle. now or later?

i have so much i need to write down and get out of my head, but i don't have the energy to write it all out. i really just need a mentor like a dear friend of mine used to do. i need girl time for me. girls who will listen to all my problems and volunteer to pray for me.