Monday, April 19, 2010

Checking In

Hello there!
This past week as been a crazy one. Z is headed into the hospital on Wednesday to get tubs put into her ears. Aaron will be going with her, as I have to work. It should be interesting. :)
Last week I caught 2 kids making out at school and called parents. Ever since then, they have been mad at me. Worst part is, they've drug their whole class into it. So, come second hour, I've got 20 or so angry 7th graders staring at me.
This week is Earth week, with Earth Day being on Thursday. I have planned a whole week worth of stuff for my kids to watch and discuss about. Everything from sustainability to truly protecting endangered species. Should be interesting what their view points are at the end of the unit. It is very hard trying to teach something as unbiased as possible, but I will do it. I also find it interesting that acknowledges Global Warming as a theory/fact while a lot of other scientist do not. What's your opinion?
I've started doing NFP this past month. It is interesting to see the temperature readings i'm getting. they are kinda everywhere so far. Anyone out there use this method?
I have been finding A LOT of awesome recipes especially vegetarian recipes. Aaron recently decided we was going try to go veggie as much as possible. so in an effort to help him, I've been trying to do my part and cook meals that are fitting.

Below are a few websites i've browsed and found things i've liked or am going to try soon:
Fish Tacos with Chipotle sauce
Lentil Tacos
Warm and Nutty Cinnimon Quinoa: I'm still intimidated by quinoa. Any suggestions?
Golden-Crusted Brussel Sprouts: Really, I LOVE brussel sprouts.
Crockpot Applesauce: I actually used 1 T of brown sugar and added 1 T of Butter... so yummy. Of course you can add any spices to your liking.

I've have gone to church the last two Sundays. My friend is attending a church and asked me to go with her. The message is a four part message about how we can defend our faith to those who don't have faith through SCIENCE!!! This is just what i needed to learn to talk to Aaron about it. He always asks me "where is the science to prove God exists" so, now, I have something. I am really excited to go the next two weeks and even more, I am excited to go back to church. I think this might be a start to something. I'm optimistic.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What's in your stomach?

If you know me in person, you will know I am one passionate person for food. If you've ever discussed with me the choice I make regarding where and when I buy my food you will know that I am very sick and tired of the standard fruits/veggies and meat that our society concumes. It really sickens me the way we have taught our chidlren and my generation to eat. I really desire for there to cleaner, sustainable,nutritionally rich, seasonally eaten, local foods around. We are definately a people who want things now no matter what the price is.
While hoping around and partying at the Ultimate Blog Party '10 I came across this website:
She is doing things all local and in season. That means if tomatoes aren't in season, she isn't cooking them or eating them. She has also started "The Food and Faith Challenge" , which is seriously awesome. She is challenging people to live life a certain way.

If you are interested in consuming food sustainable, I highly recommend this book: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver
Barbara moves her family from Tucson to a small farming community. She writes her true story of how her family survived one full year eating homegrown or locally grown food and in season food. Again, I highly recommend reading this book. It gives a lot of insight on how difficult of a job a farmer can have, how spoiled we have become and how nutritionally depleted our diets are. It is a definite eye opener.

Eating locally and in season are not just great ways to help "save our Earth" BUT it also provides our bodies with food that is nutritionally rich as opposed to a vegetable that was grown specifically because it either has great appearance, long shelf life or holds up well during a 1,000+ mile journey from farm to grocery store.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

If you're stopping by for the first time because of the UPB'10 I just want to say thanks! I am totally new to this blogging thing and decided to try it out as I'm looking to meet some new people out here on the interwebs. :)

Let's start with a little about me.
My name is Jasmine, I am 25 years old have been married for 6 1/2 years and have a 2 year old daughter named Zephyr. I teach 7th grade science and LOVE every moment of it. I was born and raised in Glendale Arizona. I moved up to Flagstaff to go to Northern Arizona University where I graduated from. From there my hubby got a job at the now defunct Bear Stearns in Manhattan. We lived there for one year before I became pregnant with our daughter. We immediately moved back to Arizona thinking that being closer to family would be better for our NEW family. Boy were we wrong. We've lived in Arizona for the last two years and quite honestly I can not wait to leave. The only problem is we can't figure out where to go. :)

I originally started this blog because I had lost some deep/serious/long-term friendships to silly high school stuff and was deeply hurt by that. My husband also "deconverted" from Christianity (as he calls it) at the same time, really leaving me alone in my faith and my grief of these friendships. I really needed a place to vent and cry out the someone or anyone who would read. Since then, not much has really changed, but I am learning to cope with what has gone on in my life and am looking to build new friendships that I hope will last a long time.

Let's end with a little about you.
Please leave a comment letting me know who you are and what your favorite Crayola Crayon shade is.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Who me?

Most of you don't know that I am a 7th grade science teacher. This year is my second year teaching science, my third year teaching junior high and my 4th year teaching. Last year was a huge struggle. The kids didn't like me, didn't want to learn and had no support at home. This year however, the kids LOVE me and some if not most want to learn/enjoy science.
So needless to say this year has been AWESOME! I have enjoyed my kids, being head of yearbook and the school social committee. It's been a lot of work, but I've managed to not take any "homework" home this year. I arrive at work at 7am and leave at 4pm. Definitely not that bad. So today, during our professional development I was honored by my principal for being "The-teacher-of-the-year". SO AWESOME! I was really not expecting it but am greatly honored to have received it. I do also feel a bit guilty as I know that a lot of other teachers work way harder then me. And honestly, we are all a team and work together to achieve one goal.

So, what a great day!

Blog Party '10

I'm super excited to be apart of this party out here in the blogosphere. :) This is a great opportunity for me and anyother blogger to get to know each other and connect. I am so excited to be apart of this. If you want more information, please visit 5 minutes for mom.

Friday, April 2, 2010

OB appointment

Went for my annual well women check up today. Mentioned that we were trying to conceive a baby.
She basically told me i need to have sex during specific times and that if it doesn't work in a few months to come back.

She also made me take pregnancy test, which came out negative. I was surprisingly disappointed. It's only been 7 months, but last time we got pregnant I was on birth control, so I suppose I was expecting things to happen a lot quicker. It's also hard because a lot of my female friends are pregnant, one of which wasn't even trying.

My husband has decided he will take anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medication prescribed to him by his doctors after he described chest pain that would for 30 mins periods sometimes. I'm very disappointed in this choice. I just feel like he should be trying other things first before jumping straight in.

I do complain a lot, but I really just need some friends to talk to. :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

full circle?

been pondering my relationship with god. definitely know I'm not where i NEED to be, but I'm finally feeling ready to get where i need to be. every day is still a deep sorrow for the loss of my husbands faith. I know i will grow and things will get better. it's very hard waiting for me.

we've been trying to get pregnant for 6 months. no luck. everyone else around me is pregnant and it's kind of sad.

Seattle or no Seattle. now or later?

i have so much i need to write down and get out of my head, but i don't have the energy to write it all out. i really just need a mentor like a dear friend of mine used to do. i need girl time for me. girls who will listen to all my problems and volunteer to pray for me.