Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sorry I have been gone for so long. Life sure gets in the way sometimes. I hope you excuse my absence.

While I was gone I have:
-Finished my 3rd year of teaching Jr. High
-Spent one week gaining 7 lbs on a cruise through Mexico
-Spent one week gaining nothing in NYC
-Babysat a dear friends daughter
-Slowly eased back into being a stay at home mom (for the summer)
-Lost 10lbs through Red Mountain Med Spa, using Releana, and I'm only on my second week. I have 2 more to go!
-Became obsessed with cooking, food and anything that involves it. :)
-Got really excited about the hubby and I's 10 year anniversary honeymoon.

Here's what we did on our cruise:
We departed for LA and spent 7 awesome days on the ocean. Our first stop was Cabo San Lucus. Aaron did a Zip Line excursion and loved every minute of it. Z and I did a tour that was out of this world. From there we headed to Mazatlan where we all took a tour and enjoyed the scenery. Our last port of call was Puerta Vallarta. We got off the boat and just wandered around for several hours. At all three stops we ate Mexican food at a local restaurant. Their food is unparalleled to what I would call "Mexican" food here in The States.
When we were on the boat, we spent a lot of time switching parent duty while Z napped or walking around. Unfortunately it was freezing on deck while we were at sea and did not once get to enjoy the pool on deck. We caught a few shows and gambled a lot.
Here's what we did in NYC:
S'Mac: Aaron had the 4 Cheese, I had Parisienne. After we ate, we realized we could get the sampler. FAIL, but good.
Bar Pitti: I love this place!
Noodle Bar: Aaron got some hot noodle dish (obviously) and I got the duck soup.Very yummy.
Sushi Azabu: we both had the CHEF'S OMAKASE COURSE which was out of this world!
Max Brenner: after sushi, we walked so we could eat the desserts there and we both ordered a drink and dessert. This place blows my mind every time.
Fiddle Sticks: their macaroni and cheese is to die for!
Virgils BBQ: Their food was ok.
Roxy Delicatessen: we ate dessert here one night in honor of our friend Roxy.
Station Cafe: we met my friend for breakfast in Brooklyn to eat at her favorite diner.
President Cheese: my friends husband works for them. They always have cheese around the house. We ate a lot of the Le Petite Basque. YUMMY!
Pasticceria Rocco: this place always has wonderful desserts in their window. Always made my mouth water when I would walk by it.
Royal Siam Thai Cuisine: was ok, can never make their food as spicy as in AZ.
Yuca Bar: this place was awesome. Although it was loud at times and the bathrooms were horrid, the food was amazing.
Crumbs Bake Shop: when I worked at the Village Preschool Center, parents often times brought in cupcakes for their kids birthdays. Billy, my co-worker and friend we were staying with told us that there were a few new cupcakes places that popped up. So we dropped by and were not disappointed. Although everyone was full from eating at Yuca Bar, we still got three cupcakes and split them.
Big Daddy Diner: we went to church at Forefront, then headed to lunch with our friend. This place was AWESOME! Not only that, but Aaron left his "business" card for Ingestion Digest and the owner e-mailed Aaron wanting to know his experience. How cool was that?
Ess-a-Bagel: although I realize everyone has their own opinion on what the best bagel is in NYC, we really love this place. Their bagels are fresh, chewy and hearty!
American Museum of Natural History
Visited me co-workers at Village Preschool Center
Saw Wicked
Visited The Diamond District
Visited 30 Rock, Nintendo, Rockefeller center etc.
And a bunch of other things I can't remember. It rained a lot, but despite the rain, we walked everywhere. Because we were bunking down with Billy in his studio apartment in Brooklyn, we stayed in the city for 12+ hours per day.

This trip was awesome. Although my heart still tugs to live in NYC, I now know it is not the place for me. I had a blast and can not wait to go back.
If you haven't noticed, Ingestion Digest is my husbands "blog". He photographs every meal he eats. He started this last year and is doing it for one full year. You can take a look HERE. Don't judge my home cooked meals. Also, if you look back through out the blog, you can notice his different eating trends. FUN!

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