Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ear infections.. chicken pot pie...

So this morning Z woke at 1:30am screaming. she didn't stop till 7:3oam. Needless to say i ran into work and made lesson plans and made the earliest appointment possible. as i'm driving there, i'm just hoping it's teething and not a 4th ear infection. when we get there, her temperature starts rising and she is worn out. we finally see the doctor and she confirms my worst fear, not one, but two ear infections. ARG. She told me there pretty much isn't anything i can do about it aside from keeping her hands clean and not letting her drink out of a bottle (for some reason the sucking motion makes it harder for the ear canals to drain). so another round of antibiotics and $15 in sippy cups later and we were home by 1:30pm. Z has been sleeping since around 2pm and wakes up every 30 or so minutes but doesn't open her eyes, she just cries. poor poor girl.

In the mean while, i've cleaned the whole house, minus vaccumming and mopping. i have started dinner. i'm attempting my second go around of chicken pot pie. last time i made it the bottom crust didn't cook like it was supposed to. we'll see how it turns out. i'll get started on it in about an hour.

on a side note: your dishwasher officially took a crap today. Poor aaron, now has to stress about how we are going to pay for it. AND our sprinkler system is on the funk so that needs to be replaced as well (we just got sod in, and it needs to be watered at certain times for a specific amount of time, otherwise it will die or drown)... system is on the fritz and waters whenever it wants to for however long it wants to. nearly drowned my citrus trees and the veggies growing in it.

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