Sunday, April 12, 2009

First blog= Vent blog

Why is that no matter how much A and I put ourselves out there we aren't included? I am so sick of this back and forth in our "friendship". I wanted things to get better and to work out, I thought we still had fridge rights BUT it's apparent we don't and you are just not adult enough to tell us. Rather you just let us sit on the side line, thinking nothing is wrong and constantly ignoring us.

Well, I'm done. I will no longer put myself out there. I am going to not invite you to things nor will I go out of my to see if I'm invited to things you plan. I can take a hint and know when I'm not wanted.

I'm trusting in God to help me deal with this in an appropriate way rather then ripping you a new on either in person or on your little Facebook status update.

And you wonder why we continue talking about moving to Seattle....


  1. It sucks to say that I know where you're coming from. Sometimes friendships are only meant to last so long, and when they are over, you simply move on to bigger and better things. Besides, someone would have to truly and really suck if they wouldn't wanna hang out with you.

  2. Thanks carmen. I know they'd really have to suck, which they don't, which is why it's hard to understand what's going on. but in hind sight, i probably was over reacting just a smidgen... but still...