Monday, January 24, 2011

When will Jasmine move out? That is the question Part 2

*Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've been overly busy. ;)
Let's revisit this topic for a moment. (If you didn't read the first one, read it here)

First off, it's official, I am moving out the weekend of Feburary 12th. I'm still nervous as heck. I love my family so dearly and so appreciate their help and dedication. It's going to be hard to be on my own. I don't want to depend on my friend "family" the way I do my family. It's not right. There are moments when I doubt my abilities to do this on my own, BUT here are the facts:
1) I'm a freakin strong person
2) I'm pretty logical, I've got commen sense and I'm some what smart
3) I have great friends in Buckeye that will support me and encourage me.
4) I have amazing family in Glendale that will support me and love me and help me when I need it
5) I'm independant.

I've got a pretty good head on my shoulder. I was raised by 4 wonderful parents who have all contributed hours upon hours to my growth as a child, teenager and adult. The combination of parents I have is so amazingly diverse, I really think it's what makes me so level.

Even if I end up moving home (which I don't see happening) a friend of mine told me this today:
"You have to be allowed to make mistakes in your life other wise you'll never grow."

This move is no where near a mistake, but it sometimes feels like a blind leap of faith for me. I'll be honest when I say the move wasn't my idea. I have three friends who have really pushed for this move, and I can say with 100% honesty, I trust their judgment, insight and opinions. I FEEL it's the right move it's the lack of seeing the future that makes me hesitate the slightest.

3 Things
1) I'm thankful for freakin amazingly fun friends. 
2) I'm thankful for a daughter who cuddled ever so slightly with me today
3) I'm thankful for the slow drive home today.

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